Obedience training for the good family dog to the canine athlete

Obedience training for the good family dog to the canine athlete

Obedience training for the good family dog to the canine athleteObedience training for the good family dog to the canine athleteObedience training for the good family dog to the canine athlete

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West Plains Canine School is solely owned/operated by Barbara Gordon and has been helping families train their dogs since 1993. The school’s goal is to provide dog owners with the education necessary to raise and train the well behaved family companion and good canine citizen through private instruction.  For those wanting to put their skills and dogs to the test, West Plains Canine School also provides complete education in Competitive Obedience with step by step instruction in all levels of Rally and Obedience, offering both private lessons and drop-in Proofing Class opportunities.  Whether starting the new puppy, polishing new skills with their current dog, or problem solving a troublesome exercise, we are devoted to helping dog trainers reach their goals of excellent teamwork both in and out of the competitive ring. 

The Instructor


Barb's love of dogs and training got off to an early start at the age of 6 years helping her father train the family German Shepherd - Cinder, since then she has gone on to many successes not only with her own dogs but also helping people solve their dog behavior problems and reach their goal of a well behaved family dog. Barb has also been active for close to 30 years in the sport of competitive Obedience, first with her Bouviers for which she earned many honors including Utility Titles, Top Dog awards in both the US and Canada, and many all breed and specialty High In Trials.  She has also owned multiple Golden Retrievers which she trained in Competitive Obedience, Agility, and Field Trial, two of which earned the title of Obedience Trial Champion and were inducted into the Golden Retriever Hall of Fame.  Additionally she obtained a Utility title on her Border Collie and Companion Dog titles on 2 Miniature Pinschers. 

Our Approach


Barb follows a balanced training approach that is neither too gentle or too harsh, understanding that similar to children our dogs also need to be raised and trained to understand our rules, limits, and boundaries in order to become good canine citizens.   Dogs aren't born with the understanding of human rules and without instruction they will remain unruly and troublesome. Knowing a clear understanding of the rules and the meaningful consequences for breaking them is the kindest path for our furry family members. If we choose not to teach obedience, our dogs can cause harm to others as well as themselves accidentally.  A dog that obeys the command to "come" no matter what will never be hit by a passing car while the owner watches helplessly.  Barb’s philosophy towards Competitive Obedience follows the same balanced training method - first you teach, then you insist, and then you test to see if the results are consistent.  This method has seen not only her own dogs but also those of her students dogs reach some lofty goals in the Obedience ring. 

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