Competition & Obedience

Private Lessons
You can take private lessons right from the start. We will be glad to teach you everything from Novice through Utility and beyond.

Competition obedience is a sport. It is a dance of precision between the human and canine. The sport requires the dog and handler to pay close attention to each other to achieve this unison and teamwork. Our goal is to help you and your dog, be the best competitive team you can be. All dogs must be at least 3 months old and completely up to date with vaccines.


  • Attention Training
    The basic requirements for this training is to have a dog that can walk beside you, and knows the sit command.
    • What you need
      You will need yourself, your dog, a three foot leash, and treats.
    • What you learn
      We show you the ABCs of attention training, from start to finish. You will learn how to teach your dog to be responsible for keeping an eye on you and finding heel position. You will also learn to teach maneuvers such as, In, Close, and Back, Fronts and finishes, Sit and Down stay. If you have never learned to teach your dog attention work, this training is for you.

Games that train
This training is also a great follow up to the attention class. Tired of the same old Novice, Open, and Utility classes? We think you should and could have a lot more fun teaching your dog to do competition obedience. We show you how to play fun learning games that you will look forward to teaching to your dog. This training helps you learn, directed jumping, high and broad jump retrieves, drop on recall, fronts and finishes, heeling in drive, scent discrimination and more.