Agility is a sport that requires the owner to have off leash command control of their dog.

Basic obedience is mandatory requirement. Dogs must not bolt and run away, must come when called, sit and down on command and stay. Agility is toted to be fun for both the owner and his dog; however, it ceases to be fun quickly if you spend the whole time trying to catch your dog. Dogs must also be in good health, fit and trim, and free of hip, elbow, eye, or heart problems. Overweight dogs run the risk of injury and exhaustion. New classes start every six weeks from spring to fall.

Agility Beginning Basics

Beginning basics is teaching your dog to climb an "A" Frame, cross a bridge, control a titter totter, run through open and closed tunnels, sit down on a table, weaves through six to twelve poles, and jump a variety of jumps.


Intermediate agility focuses on communication between you and your dog. Small courses are set up to teach approaches and strategies.


Advanced class is geared toward running entire courses, and addressing problems.