About the Trainer

Barb Gordon is the trainer, teacher and owner of the West Plains Canine School.

"I have been training dogs for competition since 1988. I train and compete in AKC, CKC, and UKC and ASCA obedience and agility. I learned about dogs from raising, owning and training them - let me pass my knowledge on to you and your dog. I learned and will teach you how to form a lasting and meaningful bond that has taken us to the top of the obedience rungs."

"I also write obedience articles for several regional and National club newsletters and annuals."

If you're interested in reading any of these articles go to my Blog at www.fixadog.com/blog

"My first dogs were Bouviers. They are still my first dogs. I realized early on that learning to think and talk dog was the path to true companionship."

"I started to share that knowledge and experience with dogs and people. Currently I have trained my Bouviers to three Utility titles, My Golden Retriever to an Obedience trial Championship, an Utility Dog Excellent 2, Agility Excellent title, and a Working Certificate in field, and into American Golden Retriever Hall of Fame. My dogs have earned many all breed specific High In Trials and have been top trained competitive obedience dogs in the US and Canada."

Barb has helped many people reach their highest goals and wildest dreams, from the problem dog to the canine athlete.

This has included:

Labs, Goldens, Border Collies, Shelties, Papillons, Minature Pinscher, Rottweilers, Lhasa Apso, Belgian Tervurens, German Shepherds, Rough and Smooth Collies, Chinese Crested, Cocker Spaniels, Springer Spaniels, Schnauzers of every size, poodles of every size, Vizsla, Chesapeake Bay Retriever, Border Terrier, Basset Hounds, German Wired haired Pointers, Elk Hounds, Chihuahuas, Toy Fox Terriers, Afghan Hounds, Australian cattle Dogs and Shepherds, beagles, Bearded Collies, Dachshund, Great Danes, Bull dogs, and Welsh Corgis.