Q. How long are your classes?
  A. All classes are six weeks, one day a week, for one hour
Q. How much are the classes?
  A. Sixty dollars
Q. How much are private lessons?
  A. An evaluation is $45.00 and private lessons are $35.00 per hour
Q. How many dogs are in a class?
  A. Ten dogs and their owners is a maximum class size
Q. How do we sign up for class?
  A. You can register over the phone - 509.747.4043 - then come the first night of class, fill out your registration form, and pay the fee at that time.
Q. How old must my puppy be to attend classes?
  A. Between twelve to sixteen weeks of age. Your puppy must be completely up to date with vaccines. Proof of vaccination will be required the first night of class.
Q. Is my dog too old to learn?
  A. No dog is ever too old to learn.
Q. Is it too late for my dog?
  A. Every dog can be rehabilitated; however it takes a bit longer for an older dog that is set in his ways to change.
Q. My dog is showing aggression towards people. Can he still be in a class?
  A. No. He must come in for a private consultation. We will then set a course to correct his aggression.
Q. My dog is aggressive towards other dogs. Can he still be in class?
  A. Not until he is evaluated. Some dogs are just afraid and are acting tough. Some dogs really want to eat other dogs. Until we can see what his true intentions are, he is not safe to have around a group of dogs
Q. What sort of collar will I need?
  A. We allow each person to decide their collar of choice. Harnesses are the only restraint we do not allow. If what you choose is not effective, we will suggest trying another type of collar.
Q. How long is my leash supposed to be?
  A. You will need a six foot leash and a twenty foot long line for family dog classes. You will need a three foot leash for competitive obedience.
Q. Do we bring treats?
  A. We do not require treats for family dog classes; however if you like using them we will show you how to use them correctly. We do require treats for competitive obedience classes.
Q. Can my whole family come to the family dog class?
  A. Yes, we encourage everyone that is responsible for the dog to come if at all possible. Young children must be supervised by an adult.
Q. We have two dogs. Can we bring both of them?
  A. Yes, however each dog will need a different handler.
Q. I want my child to learn to train the dog. Is this okay?
  A. Yes, as long as he/she is old enough and strong enough to handle the dog. It is important for an adult to accompany them and help out as needed.